Episode 15 – The super-great episode

New week and new episode of Knee Deep in Tech. Alexander and I have searched high and low for subjects and today is the day you should start listening to our podcast if you are interested in:

  • The question everyone(?) is asking: Should you test updates before you deploy them?
  • The new Surface line-up.
  • SSIS on Azure, is it possible and how should you do it?
  • Power BI and the extended trial that will be on offer starting June 1st.
  • And of course the usually ranting and insults of your favorite podcast hosts!

As always let me ( @Bindertech ) or @Arcitcdba know if you have any feedback or input on our podcast.

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Episode 14 – Knee Deep in Trains

We are again speaking about trains – but this episode contains a lot more than that! We start of by letting Alexander share his experience from speaking at Swedish .Net User Group. What’s important for a developer to know about databased and vice versa for a DBA to know about developing.

I later on shares my fresh views on VMwares offering about Cloud and End-user computing as well as some insights whats to expect.

We end the show by talking about speaking at technical conferences and share some of our experience on that.

Just ping either me ( @Bindertech ) or Alexander with any feedback or suggestions! And again, thanks for listening to our podcast!

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Episode 13,5 – Failed Creator

After yesterdays (second) Microsoft Build keynote we just had to record our second episode of the week.

This keynote focused on Windows, cross platform experience and development and of course mixed reality. Its a exiting world we are moving into and I hope you’ll follow this podcast to get the latest news and rants on all things Microsoft and tech.

Please let me or Alexander know if you have any feedback!

And if you would like to know more about the first keynote of Microsoft Build 2017 – tune in to Epiosde 13 of Knee Deep in Tech!

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Episode 13 – Schrödinger’s Data Scientist

For this Microsoft Build keynote special we have prepared ourselves (or at least Alexander) with a triple shot latte and our best insights on SQL Server – and of course all other databased announced yesterday. 

Apart form databases we talk about AI – both the benefits and challenges – and how intelligent will Cortana be at the end? Other topics were trains in Sweden and expectations for todays Windows keynote.


Microsoft AI: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/ai

Cosmos DB: https://azure.microsoft.com/sv-se/blog/a-technical-overview-of-azure-cosmos-db/

Cortana Skills Kit: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/projects/campaigns/cortana-skills-kit

If you have any feedback or would like to appear in the podcast – let me (@Bindertech) or Alexander know. We appreciate your feedback!

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Episode 12 – Stormtrooper outfot

Hello and welcome to the 12th episode of Knee Deep in Tech! Due to it being May the Forth (be with you) we of course have a suitable name for this episode. However, Start Wars isnt the main subject (despite Alexander suggesting it).

Instead we discuss the changes to Power BI licensing (they are huge and important) and this weeks Microsoft Education event – but we save some of the topics for next time and focus on Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S first of all.

We hope you enjoy this episode and please give us feedback! Would you like to appear as a guest? Send us a message on twitter or whatever and we’ll get back to you!

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Episode 11 – Department of numbers

We are back – and starting of with Microsoft Q3 fiscal report and from that build up an episode containing Power BI and data manipulation, a brief look at what to expect from the Microsoft EDU event on May 2 and Build.

We continue with bashing crappy drivers and dreaming about a world with MR, Windows on ARM and finishing of in the never ending discussion on what to use: The Apple or Microsoft eco system.

As always, me and Alexander would love your feedback and hope you enjoy our podcast!



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Episode 10 – “We is. Are”

One of our first milestones has been reached with this our tenth episode of Knee-deep in Tech! Its been a pleasure so far and we promise to deliver episodes for everyone out there.

This week we focus on upcoming versions and previews of SQL Server, Windows and Configuration Manager. How will datacenters cope with the faster release cadence of SQL Server and perhaps Windows Server? What can we learn from Windows, Office and Configuration Manager were we already have a fairly fast release cadence.

We also discuss telemetry, the data value of cows and a quick mention of Project Scorpio.

Alexander today also posted a new blogpost on how to do Azure database maintenance using Azure automation – something for all you Azure and SQL admins out there!

As always – this episode is brought to you by me @Bindertech and @Arcticdba . Please let us know if you have any feedback, suggestions or would like to appear with us in the podcast.

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