Creating VMs on Windows Server Technical Preview – Invalid UPN

Yesterday I finally were able to install my latest Hyper-V host (my old Lenovo W530) that will be used as a more temporary lab-environment, as opposed to my regular environment that are more permanent. This were also my first host running Windows Server Technical Preview, so I was excited to get going. Everything went great until I tried to deploy my first VM on the host using VMM. I got a most strange error:


VMM cannot complete the host operation on the <hostname> because of the error: “<VMName> failed to add device “Virtual Hard Disk”. (<Virtual machine ID>)

Failed to open attachment <Path to VHD/VHDX>. Error: “The client certificate does not contain a valid UPN, or does not match the client name in the client name in the logon request. Please contact your administrator”. Unknown error (0x8000)

I started off by troubleshooting everything basic, different placement paths, rights for the host, AD-delegations, reboots etc. Nothing helped. I then moved on to the host itself and using Hyper-V tried the same thing, with the same error:

Error_27000 Hyper-V-error

The only time I were able to create the VM were when I place the VHD/VHDX on the local drive. After a bunch of Googling and Binging (yes.. I wonder why) I came up with almost nothing. Apart from this post, that weren’t valid for my environment. I only have 2012 R2 DCs, and I were able to add the host to the domain. But I tried it anyway. And it worked! I were also able to reproduce the issue. Also, when you have added the registry value, I weren’t forced to reboot.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Regards, Simon

As a Solution Architect, Simon inspires customers, partners and colleagues to create the best possible workplace for their users. His main focus is the Windows platform – but todays workplace consists of so much more than that. As an MCT he is passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge. He’s a frequent speaker, blogger and podcaster – as well as a penguin fanatic.

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