The one with Windows Phone 8.1

Great things about Windows Phone 8.1:

Calendar is truly great now with detailed week view, for me the best improvement so far.


Start screen, I try to keep it tidy, so for me more space for tiles is not really that necessary, but I do like the background-picture feature and that when using the “show more tiles”-mode you can make the tiles smaller.

And of course the action center and notification bar. One of the features I missed from Android.

And, is it only me or is it really just a bit faster?

I won’t write any big review or walkthrough on this, other people have already done it for example:

Windows Phone Central


As a Solution Architect, Simon inspires customers, partners and colleagues to create the best possible workplace for their users. His main focus is the Windows platform – but todays workplace consists of so much more than that. As an MCT he is passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge. He’s a frequent speaker, blogger and podcaster – as well as a penguin fanatic.

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